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The mission of Roeland Park's Arts Commission is to give local up-and-coming artists the opportunity to show in the Gallery, gifting us with the pleasure of watching them grow. Roeland Park Arts Advisory Committee reaches out to area emerging and re-emerging artists. See us on facebook.

George R. Schlegel Gallery Artist Submission Guidelines

If you would like to show your art in the George R. Schlegel Gallery, please contact Gallery Director Lynda J Leonard at 


The Arts Advisory Committee makes decisions on art and art programs for the City of Roeland Park. The Arts Advisory Committee also manages and maintains the George R. Schlegel Gallery housed at City Hall. There are six members on the Committee and terms last one year, beginning on January 1st.  

You can follow the Arts Advisory Committee on their Facebook page.

Public Art in Roeland Park

The City of Roeland Park is dedicated to promoting public art and local artists.
Click here to see photos and locations of public art in our city.

Damsel in Sun

Call for Roeland Park Artists

DECEMBER 31, 2022 TO FEBRUARY 25, 2023

Artist Residents of Roeland Park are invited to submit 1 to 3 works 
to be exhibited in the George R. Schlegel Gallery at Roeland Park City Hall. 

If interested in participating, contact Lynda J. Leonard, Gallery Director at or call 816-421-0620
Please leave artist's name, phone, email, Roeland Park address, and website information. You will be contacted with exhibition details.

See more about the George R. Schlegel Gallery on Facebook.

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Regular Meeting February 7Agenda (PDF)

6 p.m.
Regular Meeting January 17Agenda (PDF)
Minutes (PDF)

6 p.m.

2024 arts advisory committee members

Jan Faidley
Lynda Leonard
Marek Gliniecki
Jonna Crosby
Tim Ross

George R. Schlegel Gallery

Located on the second floor of Roeland Park City Hall, the George R. Schlegel Gallery is maintained by the Arts Advisory Committee. The Gallery features rotating exhibitions of local artists which can be viewed for free during City Hall's regular business hours. 

Drawing-Remembering GRS -20210714_234910George R. Schlegel: From Lithography to Gallery Tribute

Born in Harrison, New York, in 1942, George was a fifth-generation art aficionado. His great-great-grandfather ran a lithography company in 1841, passed from son to son. George lived in Roeland Park for 38 years. In 1994, he started a 13-year stint with Arts in the Woods in Overland Park. 

He read that the City of Roeland Park had purchased the old Wendy's corporate office building and asked then Mayor Joan Wendel to dedicate the 'new' City Hall with local artists' work. She agreed, and George set himself to the task of procuring artists and their work. That started the tradition of monthly rotations of new art in what was the Mayor's Executive Office, now the Main Conference Room and Gallery. 

In 1998, George received the Arts Advancement Award from the Governor of Kansas, Bill Graves and became Arts Commissioner for Roeland Park. He served five years on Channel 19's Art Auction Committee. In 2012, George received a Commissioner's Citation Award from the Social Security Commission for volunteering in the arts. Working many years with no budget, George invited artists to display at what officially become "The George R. Schlegel Gallery of Roeland Park, Kansas" which was dedicated on October 17, 2015. 

George passed away in 2021. Mary Schlegel, George's widow, says George would send an enormous "thank you" to the Arts Advisory Committee members for the energy and excitement they bring to their work. 

"Truly", George would say, "Art is the magic in Roeland Park".

If you would like to show your art in the George R. Schlegel Gallery, please contact Gallery Director Lynda J Leonard at

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