Comprehensive Plan

The Roeland Park Comprehensive Plan is the City’s official plan for the future. The Plan serves as the community’s guideline for future development, changes to the City’s zoning and subdivision regulations, and compliance with the Code of Kansas Statute No. 12-747 section b.

City Vision

This comprehensive plan plays an additional role beyond compliance with state statute. It embodies the community’s vision for the future of Roeland Park with specific goals, direction for current development opportunities and a community implementation plan.

Plan Update 2019-2020

A review of the 2012 Comprehensive Plan is underway. For more information on the plan update, click here.

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Key Principles

The plan is based on the following key principles:

  • Maintain stability of Roeland Park’s single-family residential base
  • Accommodate new types of housing to attract new and maintain current residents
  • Balance the City’s opportunity to control the type and quality of development possible with newly created market demand for city-owned property
  • Maximize the City’s benefit from the Mission Gateway project
  • Enhance the image and character of Roeland Park

City Plan

Table of Contents