Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2013, the City of Roeland Park, led by a small group of dedicated community members, determined the need for a community Strategic Plan (PDF) that reflected the values, vision and priorities of the citizens of the community.

Grassroots Approach

The plan was to be a “grassroots approach” that would be influenced by the voices of the citizens and an opportunity to engage the community on critical issues impacting Roeland Park today and into the future.

Vision & Priorities

A strategic plan creates a vision for a community, but also identifies priorities to create that vision. More importantly, a plan serves as a communication tool to engage citizens and build relationships to work together to create the preferred future for a community.

Plan Goals

The plan is divided into five main goals:

  1. Create a long-term financial plan to diversify revenue supporting economic growth.
  2. Create a commercial development plan to revitalize underutilized property and leverage available land to create a sustainable community.
  3. Market Roeland Park to increase awareness and promote a positive image.
  4. Connect citizens to the community through events, places, services and activities.
  5. Promote recreational opportunities through enhanced green space, facilities and communication.

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