Neighborhood Services

Every citizen has a responsibility for the welfare of their community. The City of Roeland Park has ordinances ensuring that Roeland Park continues to be a safe and beautiful community in which to live and work.

The City of Roeland Park adopted the 2003 International Property Maintenance Code. This code allows the city’s Code Enforcement Officer to ensure that citizen and business properties are maintained in compliance with city ordinances. The city currently has one Code Enforcement Officer that patrols the city and investigate citizens’ concerns. Learn more about our code enforcement process and our rental licensing inspection process.

  • Accumulation of trash and debris
  • Construction projects without permits
  • Dead trees and shrubs
  • Dilapidated or damaged structures
  • Excessive weed growth/tall grass
  • House exterior needs painting or repair
  • Inoperable/unlicensed vehicles
  • Overgrown shrubs or trees
  • Parking on lawn
  • Unlawful parking of recreation vehicles / trailer / boats