Trash / Recycling Container Shielding

The City Council recently approved Ordinance 947 (PDF) which regulates the shielding and placement of trash and recycling bins in Roeland Park neighborhoods.

Acceptable and unacceptable bin shield examples

General Regulations

  • Bins may be placed in the backyard behind the house without a shield.
  • Bins may also be placed in the front or side of the house provided they have a proper shield that screens the bins from the streets fronting the house.
  • For homes on corner lots, this means bins cannot be visible from the street to the side or front of the home.
  • Any shield must be large enough to cover the bin in its entirety.


First-time violators will be issued a warning with a door hanger which will be placed on the front door of the house. The hanger will inform the property owner that they will be issued a $10 fine if their containers are not shielded from view within 48 hours or if the violation is repeated within 180 days of the warning issuance. 

A separate citation may be issued for each day that the violation continues thereafter. If any citation remains unpaid for 30 days, the property owner may be issued a complaint and given notice to appear in Municipal Court.

For More Information

We greatly appreciate your cooperation with these changes and all efforts made on your part to stay within City Code. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out in the following ways: