Code Enforcement Process

The City of Roeland Park employs a proactive approach to code enforcement. Our approach is to have the code enforcement officer on the street looking for code and ordinance violations. 

Some violations are not visible from the street and the city will receive a call concerning an issue that may need addressed. The code enforcement officer will investigate the complaint within one business day of the complaint to verify the issue at hand and address it accordingly. All complaints are addressed by the city keeping all calls and emails anonymous.

When a Violation Is Discovered

This is a short description of the process used by the Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) when a violation is discovered in a neighborhood.

Notification of Possible Violation

First, the Code Enforcement Department is notified of a possible code violation.

CEO receives complaints from neighboring property owners and city employees working to keep the city clean and orderly. The Codes Department also systematically inspects entire neighborhoods for code violations.

Response to Complaint

Then, the Code Enforcement Department will respond to the complaint.

The CEO visits the property to determine if a code has been violated. CEO will also look for other code violations at the property and surrounding properties when responding to a complaint.

Properties in Violation of Code

After the property is found to be in violation of code, the property owner will receive a written notice of the violation. The owner will have 5 to 60 days to correct the violation depending on the type of violation. 

CEO will re-inspect the property to confirm resolution of the problem.

Properties Not Cleaned Up by Deadline

If the property is not cleaned up by the deadline, the property owner will receive an additional notice indicating that the property will be abated or the owner will receive a citation. 

With an abatement, the property owner will pay the cost of removing the materials in violation.

Some violations can take anywhere from 60 to almost 90 days just to get into court. At that point, the judge will evaluate the issue and provide a deadline (additional days) for corrective actions if needed.

Reporting a Violation

The Code Enforcement Division is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of living for all citizens. We enforce codes in order to help ensure a safe and pleasant environment that also helps maintain the highest value for your property.

Please call our office at 913-722-2600 for more information or to report a possible violation. You can also submit a report online.