Municipal Court

The Municipal Court is the judicial branch of City Government. This information should help you understand the Court proceedings and inform you of your rights and duties. We want every person to leave this Court feeling that he or she has been treated fairly.

Trials are conducted under the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Code for Municipal Courts, and the Kansas Rules of Evidence as adopted by the Kansas Legislature.

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Review your case information, court date and more through our court records website. For additional questions, you can contact the Municipal Court.

COVID-19 Updates

Roeland Park Municipal Court is working cooperatively with neighboring cities and Johnson County to do our part in minimizing the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, all Court Dockets are now virtual-only via the website Zoom, which is accessible via computer and telephone. There will be no in-person dockets through the winter season of 2020-2021. Defendants are required to appear for court by using one of the options below:

  1. Click the following link:, or go to and input the Meeting ID: 995 6568 3245 and Passcode: 6400 to enter. Please be sure that your User Name is your name as it appears on the citation, OR
  2. Call 1-312-626-6799 and input the Meeting ID: 995 6568 3245 and Passcode: 6400 to enter.

Please note: After signing in or calling in, you will be in a waiting room and will not see or hear anyone until Court Staff admits you. It is our hope that this virtual waiting room is an easier and safer option than waiting in-person at the Court House, and we appreciate your patience.   

If you have questions, please contact the Court Clerk, Kelsey Simmons, at or 913-677-3389. The Court Clerk is not available during Court sessions.

If you have additional questions, please review this document: Instructions (PDF)
Si tiene más preguntas, revise este document: Instructions in Spanish (PDF)

Court Jurisdiction

Traffic violations and violations of City Ordinances are tried in Municipal Court, such as trespassing, driving under the influence, and speeding tickets.

Damages in Civil Court

The Roeland Park Municipal Court hears criminal misdemeanor cases involving violations of City Ordinances, Municipal Code violations and traffic offenses.

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